In this candid interview, Ri Punt (Counsellor MBACP) talks about how the Worrinots application allows children to develop communication skills, share their worries and fears in a safe and fun environment and receive honest, upfront and genuine advice from characters they trust.


850,000 children have been diagnosed with a mental health problem (1). That would indicate that there are still 1000’s of children with undiagnosed problems, and no place in which to receive support or advice. 

Children often make use of transitional objects (2) to move forward and develop, this can take the shape of a cuddly toy a teacher, an imaginary friend depending on the age. Worrinots make use of the transitional objects Stomp, Rip, Shakey and Chomp to share their worries and to receive an appropriate response.

The interactivity of the Worrinots allow children to develop communication skills, supporting them as they develop, furthermore the Worrinots allow children to seek out advice and information immediately allowing them to make informed choices, using age appropriate and considered information.

I’m looking forward to being able to integrate Stomp, Rip, Shakey and Chomp, into my work with children and young people.

Ri Punt
Counsellor MBACP

(1) Geldard and Geldard 2007
(2) Winnicott 1953




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