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The Worrinots family edition provides families with the tools to help children share and cope with their worries in the security and comfort of their own home.

Parents & carers can engage with their children in real time to offer responses, help, advice and guidance through WotNot, the specifically created monitoring app.

The family edition allows you to create up to 5 child user accounts and offers all the same fantastic features as the school edition, with The Worrinot characters offering helpful tips and advice to ‘make the fear disappear’ and a safe and secure portal for children to share their problems.

More importantly, the self-contained Worri-tips can help generate much needed family discussion.  This offers benefits for all the family.


Don't just take our word for it...

Here's what our app testers and users think of The Worrinots

"This App is amazing,  I find that my little girl does not want to be a pain to anyone so keeps so much inside as she thinks it's all silly, but I have been able to re assure her and change the environment she is in for the better."

Father of young daughter

Case Study


"I love that I can see what he is saying and as he gets older it will be a great help to find out his feeling as he will be writing a lot more"

Mother of son with anxiety

"Found it really useful and love that my son will open up to the characters! He loves receiving messages.  I will be emailing his teachers at school and letting them know that this is the system we have and to encourage him to use it."  

Mother of son with autism & anxiety

It is a stroke of genius as we now know what upsets our daughter and can avoid these topics

Nick Toms - Parent

The family edition includes:

The Worrinots App

The Worrinots characters encourage children to share their anxieties in a fun and safe way


The WorriTips provide real-time support that has been developed by child psychologists.

The WotNot App

The WotNot app enables guardians to identify, monitor and reply to fears that have been shared.

Regular Updates

We are always improving The Worrinots application, along with updating the tips and tactics.


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