The Worrinots applications will be available soon on the Apple App store and the Google Play store by searching for The Worrinots.

Download the installation guide here

The short answer is yes!

The Worrinots has been designed with security of data as a priority, as a company we understand the sensitive nature of what is being entered and the responsibility of how responses could influence a child’s behaviour. The Worrinots parent company, Oakley Mobile is a business that hosts a wealth of critical data with experience of secure and sensitive information.

The Worrinots and Oakley Mobile is registered under and works in line with the Data Protection Act. The company has security policies in place that are regularly updated as threats continue to evolve and that cover security governance, as well as standards for physical and logical security. The Worrinots and WotNot applications communicate with BAASBox, which is a secure and scalable back-end environment. The Worrinots has also ensured password encryption and full system, server and data storage security. The Worrinots has thought of every scenario, such as a guardian leaving, a device being lost or stolen, forgetting passwords, adding and removing devices, and has a security policy in place for each.

Once the application is installed your child will be able to create their own log in by simply opening up The Worrinots, select “New User”, enter their name, create a four digit pin number and enter their date of birth. Each time they re-visit the app simply log in using their name and pin number. If you have more than one child simply go through the same process for each.

The maximum number of users/children (per subscription) able to create an account for The Worrinots app is 5.

All the Worri-tips have been co-written and verified by a qualified BACP registered counsellor.