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The Worrinots school edition has been designed to put children first, with real time advice for children with anxieties and a simple monitoring platform for teachers and Safeguarding Officers.

With mental health in young children on the rise, it has never been more important for schools and teachers to implement early intervention and have access to a tool that can provide discreet and effective monitoring of pupil’s worries and anxieties.

The Worrinots is also OFSTED compliant, meaning that schools using the application can rest assured the right procedures are in place.

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How does The Worrinots app work at School?

The Worrinots App

Each child has their own private log-in on a single use tablet (a device that can only be used for The Worrinots). The Worrinots characters encourage children to share their anxieties in a fun and safe way, and the WorriTips provide real-time support that has been developed by child psychologists.

The WotNot App

WotNot is a unique monitoring system designed specifically to help teachers and safeguarding officers identify and monitor fears that have been shared. If a response is required, the safeguarding officer can write a response that will appear in the child’s private account from The Worrinot character they originally shared their fear with.

Fully Managed Service

Our fully-managed service means that administrator accounts and different permissions can be set up for teachers and designated safeguarding officers.

Reporting & Updates

We are always improving and updating The Worrinots application and the reporting functionality will provide you with complete transparency of individual and class usage, helping schools to monitor adoption rates and ROI.

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As featured in, and accredited by: