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Recent studies show that children’s mental health issues are on the rise. The Worrinots app has been created to allow parents to feel assured that when their children are in the school environment; Rip, Stomp, Shakey and Chomp are part of the school family, taking care of children’s worries, fears and concerns, leaving children to get on with developing in to well-rounded individuals.

Happy, safe and secure children thrive at their academic studies, so when The Worrinots are taking care of children’s worries, parents can be assured their children are getting the best start in life.

When children are looking for Worri-tips and advice using the app, parents can feel safe in their knowledge of knowing The Worrinots app is a secure platform to use without any in-app purchasing or advertising and no links to external websites.

The app has been an absolute godsend for our children, especially as they are going through a period of transition to find them new schools.

Anonymous teacher, children’s home.

We believe that all schools in the UK should have The Worrinots, and we need your help to do this. With our ‘Nominate a School’ campaign we’re encouraging parents to take charge and get The Worrinots in their child’s school.

Simply complete the short form below to nominate your child’s school for their FREE Worrinots trial.

To nominate a KS1 or KS2 school for a free 30 day trial of The Worrinots app, please type the school's name and address in the message field below.

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