There's many things I miss about my children being young. One of them however isn't the start of the new academic year. As the six week holiday came to an end it was time to start introducing conversation during the morning competition about going back to school. My children were very open with me about their feelings. I was soon to realise that wasn't always the case at the school gates.


I’m here if you ever need me”. We either heard it as a child, or have said something similar to a son, daughter, niece or nephew. We think we’re doing the right thing, and in part, we are. But rather than just an ear, children need coping mechanisms that they can implement. To rewrite a famous saying, don’t just give your child a fish that relieves their worries for a day. Give them a rod that will feed their wellbeing for a lifetime.

Children don’t always volunteer their feelings, we seem to have to second guess what’s troubling them. How can we stop our children suffering from small worries at such a young age, how can we stop their worries growing with them so they don’t reach crisis point in their teenage years? How can I know what my children are worried about and help them to overcome their fears?