It's often said that achievement shouldn't be measured in awards. But in the face of today's growing mental health challenge, raising awareness through gold at the UK App Awards is a massive achievement.

The talented team at Oakley Mobile have been tirelessly developing and honing The Worrinots app for almost two years - and the hard work is paying dividends.

The app which, as it's tagline suggests, makes the fear disappear, enables children to confide in four characters, some of which are based on coping mechanisms encouraged by child psychologists.

The Worrinots were up against some very tough competition in the Childrens/Education app category. Amongst the shortlist was none other than Sir Ian McKellan in Shakespeare's The Tempest, and The Big Life Project - which aims to give heavily dependent young people the skills to lead more independent lives.

Speaking after the event, the event organisers said "The Judges felt this app is tackling such current issues, looking after our children in this virtual world we live in. Congratulations to Worrinot’s for making us feel our children are safe in a very user-friendly way."

Tracy Gladman, The Worrinots' Director said "We are absolutely thrilled to be recognised for our work we are doing to help children.  The topic of early intervention and positive well-being is so high on the government agenda and imperative, not just in schools but any setting children find themselves in where they are struggling emotionally. We are proud of the work we are doing at The Worrinots and will continue with our campaign to reach as many children as we can to help them live a worry free childhood."

The Worrinots app is available on Apple, Android and Amazon platforms. To discover more and to start your free trial, download the app now!