We often get asked lots of questions about The Worrinots, here’s the main ones we’ve answered for you.


What is The Worrinots?

The Worrinots is an app that has four characters, designed specifically for primary school age children.  They will be able to confidently speak to The Worrinots about anything that makes them worried and learn the language and understanding around feelings and emotions, along with coping mechanisms that can last a life time.


Why did you develop The Worrinots?

The Worrinots was developed to help bring improving children’s well-being into the 21st century.  As an app development company we had the expertise to be able to develop a solution to help notify parents/carers and encourage them to be on top of their children’s worries through their busy lives.  We want to encourage children to be as comfortable as they can at speaking out, our aim is to reduce the number of teenagers attempting to take their own life as a desperate measure, rather than speak out and ask for help.


Who is The Worrinots for?

The Worrinots is for parents/carers and children of primary school age.


How does The Worrinots work?

The Worrinots is a simple yet effective tool that works by children speaking to a Worrinot character and sending their message off to ‘make the fear disappear’.  The Worrinots then send the message to WotNot, an app designed for parents/carers to be able to receive notifications of the messages and respond back directly to their children.  Children can get to know The Worrinots characters by listening to their individual poems, they can also access tips and coping mechanisms that are contained within the app.


How do parents/carers know they can trust The Worrinots?

We wanted to make sure children would be safe using The Worrinots app and that parents/carers would be confident for their children to use it.  Through the stages of development we consulted with a child psychologist, experienced teacher and a child counsellor.  Security was also important for us too as we wanted to ensure the information children were disclosing couldn’t be seen by others, so an encrypted back end and secure servers were high on our list of priorities.


Is The Worrinots effective?

Yes, very.  Our early stage testing gave us the most amazing positive feedback.  In fact, we haven’t received any negative feedback and hope not to. 


My child’s not great with spelling, does it matter?

We’ve even thought of that too.  When children speak to their chosen Worrinot character they have the option of typing their message or send in a voice recorded message.


How can I get hold of The Worrinots?

Downloading The Worrinots on to children’s devices is easy, it’s available to from Play Store, App Store and even Amazon.  But adults will need to have WotNot too, this is available to download from Play store and App Store.  You don’t have to be on the same operating system for The Worrinots and WotNot to work together either, the QR code held in WotNot will connect both the devices.


Why should I use The Worrinots?

We know children have worries, no matter how old they are, and we know that even the smallest worry to one person can be the biggest worry to another.  Children are not keen to ask for help or discuss their worries for fear of thinking others will laugh at them for being silly, they are clever at covering up their worries too.  No matter how open you try to be with your children, they don’t want you to be worried about them.  So if they don’t open up to you, who are they turning to and where are they getting their information from?  The Worrinots gives you the opportunity to be on top of your child’s worries and be informed as soon as there’s a problem.


If there’s anything we haven’t answered, but you would like to know, you can get in touch with us at noworries@worrinots.com and someone will get back to you with the answer.



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